[bittorrent] bitfield problem

Richard Nyberg rnyberg at murmeldjur.se
Wed Feb 8 10:58:09 EST 2006

At Wed, 8 Feb 2006 22:46:09 +0800,
CS FYP 2005 wrote:
> i've correctly received the handshake and bitfield from peer...
> but once i sent the INTERESTED message to that peer...
> no further response is received...
> any idea...?

It seems everything is ok then. The only things it might send you now is
HAVE, UNCHOKE or KEEP ALIVE, but it only does so when it wants to, which
may not be immediately or even at all.

> btw...
> may you tell me how to make reply in the bittorrent archive instead of
> just sending the email to the replier?
> thx~

Explore the options in your mail program. Maybe there is "reply to list"
or "reply to all" or something like that.


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