[bittorrent] Continuation data...?

Brian Dessent brian at dessent.net
Wed Feb 8 07:15:38 EST 2006

FYP 2005 wrote:

> I use ethereal to capture the packets flow through the 2 peers...
> i found that after the handshakes and bitfield...
> there are two more packet named "Continuation data" ...
> what is it?

That is just how Ethereal displays packets in the middle of an established
flow.  It has nothing to do with BitTorrent, you will see it for any TCP-based
protocol where Ethereal has a protocol decoder.  Disable the protocol decoder if
you want to see just raw packets, though you'll have to use "Follow TCP Stream"
to make sense of it.

Ethereal has mailing lists: http://www.ethereal.com/lists/


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