[bittorrent] BT for serving smallish (3MB) files

Harold Feit dwknight at depthstrike.com
Sat Feb 4 16:24:52 EST 2006

I have personally found that, even with smaller files such as the 3mb
files you're looking at using, that BitTorrent is a viable way to reduce
load on the central servers for the files. Actual performance may vary
depending on the popularity of the files.

Trackerless torrents aren't without their problems. If you're going to
use them extensively, make sure the .torrent file contains IP and Port
information of a system in your configuration that will basically always
be on (to be used as a common DHT entry point). Make sure this node has
its listen port open to UDP traffic as well as TCP traffic. The load
that would normally go to the tracker (which isn't really that much)
would go to the DHT nodes instead.

Gary Robinson wrote:
> Hello,
> My company has an application (http://www.goombah.coom) that uses 
> BitTorrent internally to distribute some largish (50MB) data files it 
> needs to pass around. (The  app is written in Python, if you're 
> interested.)
> This is a music recommendation app, and it allows users to acquire 
> (legal) music files. This are typically much smaller than the files 
> mentioned above -- they tend to be in the 3MB size range. I have heard 
> it said that BT isn't worth it for files less than 10MB. But, we would 
> like to get the load for serving the files off of our servers and 
> spread among the clients.
> So, a series of questions:
> 1) With 3MB files, and many people downloading each one at once, is 
> there  still significant server bandwidth using a BT tracker compared 
> to just serving the files? Does anyone have any statistics?
> 2) How well does trackerless BT work at present? Under the 
> circumstances laid out in (1) above, what would the pros and cons be? 
> It seems that, at least from the perspective of our server load, it 
> would eliminate the question of whether it would be worth it to use BT 
> for files < 10MB, since there is no tracker load.
> Many thanks for any help anyone can give with these questions.
> Gary

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