[bittorrent] Bitfield data... First bits meaning?

Bat baptiste.dubuis at gmail.com
Sat Dec 9 09:15:08 EST 2006


Thank you for your quick answer, but that's not really what I meant...
Actually, I know what the bitfield message looks like.
I should be more precise and say that I was talking about the payload of 
the message, which contains the bitfield...
An example:
I receive a bitfield message from a seed, a peer that should have the 
whole file... So, in my head, I should receive a message like:
<len=0001+X><id=5><bitfield=1111111111111111111000...> (in bit 
representation, not byte>
with only 0 spare bits at the end of the payload...

But what I actually get is:

So I just don't know why all the bits are not set to 1 (not talking 
about the spare bits...)
I also know that I'm receiving this bitfield from a BitComet client...
Thank you

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