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Harold Feit dwknight at depthstrike.com
Sat Dec 2 08:28:43 EST 2006

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BNBT and its variants CBTT, and XBNBT have high efficency ratings.
CBTT has been tested on a dual P3 500 system running approximately 50k
peers without problems (running on linux I believe, he has since closed
it down).
A windows-based tracker host has tested CBTT into the 100k peer range.
Prior to these, the highest a BNBT core tracker has gotten (as far as
I'm aware) is 300k peers (topped out because of torrent interest, not
tracker performance)

Other than this, the tracker core has not been benchmarked, so I'm
unaware of the current capabilities of the core.

Memory footprints for these tests have stayed under 64MB as far as I'm
aware. Any newly built server (current tier equipment) should be able to
handle a tracker fine.

Joseph Ashwood wrote:
> I've only got some very old information on this, but I know there are many
> newer advances (my information is pre-DHT). What kind of server load am I
> looking at for BT? Assuming good clients (since I'll have significant
> control over the clients as well), and the availability of DHT. I'm
> particularly curious about the scaling as 1M+ users come into the system.
> Due to the data being distributed there would be an exponential curve for
> the popularity of torrents, that is to say that >80% of the peers will be
> connected to <20% of the torrents, probably more like 90:10, or even 95:5.
> For this I will obviously be throwing the compute power necessary behind it,
> as well as the RAM and storage, but for estimation purposes, does anyone
> have any approximations on these?
> I'm expecting imperfect answers but I am hoping to get something I can
> base some ballpark estimates on.
>                         Joe
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