[bittorrent] Fwd: Load questions

Olaf van der Spek olafvdspek at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 07:49:21 EST 2006

On 12/2/06, Joseph Ashwood <ashwood at msn.com> wrote:
> > XBT Tracker (C++) can
> > handle up to at least 800k peers.
> What class of process/memory? It's one thing to say that about a BlueGene,
> another to say that about a PII, I'm thinking that's about the level of a P4

I don't run the trackers myself and I don't have the details, but I'm
thinking about a decent K8/P4 at least.

> @ 3GHz. Also is XBTT written in such a way that it can be clustered, and
> have multiple copies running locally, if so what are the limitations (e.g.
> shared torrents?), or would I have use virtualization for that?

What do you want to achieve?
There's no special support for clustering, but you could run two
independent instances on two servers and have 50% of the torrents
tracked by one and the others by the other.

> > RAM is no issue for XBTT and the
> > first bottleneck most operators encounter is network bandwidth.
> I already know bandwidth is going to be the choking point on this (primarily
> because of the seeding of rare files), and that is why the final

But I mean, even for just tracker traffic bandwidth is usually the bottleneck.

> implementation for this will likely preference peer-of-peer referrals to
> tracker referrals. RAM may not normally be an issue, but when you're trying
> to make something as dense as possible it becomes one, what kind of RAM
> usage is expected, and what is a rough upper bound for XBTT?

To be honest I really don't know. I think 640k is enough. :)

Just kidding. 640m may be enough though. I'll have to ask one of the admins.

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