[bittorrent] Load questions

Joseph Ashwood ashwood at msn.com
Sat Dec 2 07:32:36 EST 2006

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> It depends a lot on the tracker itself.
> PHP can in general handle up to 40k peers,

That obviously won't cut it then.

> XBT Tracker (C++) can
> handle up to at least 800k peers.

What class of process/memory? It's one thing to say that about a BlueGene, 
another to say that about a PII, I'm thinking that's about the level of a P4 
@ 3GHz. Also is XBTT written in such a way that it can be clustered, and 
have multiple copies running locally, if so what are the limitations (e.g. 
shared torrents?), or would I have use virtualization for that?

> RAM is no issue for XBTT and the
> first bottleneck most operators encounter is network bandwidth.

I already know bandwidth is going to be the choking point on this (primarily 
because of the seeding of rare files), and that is why the final 
implementation for this will likely preference peer-of-peer referrals to 
tracker referrals. RAM may not normally be an issue, but when you're trying 
to make something as dense as possible it becomes one, what kind of RAM 
usage is expected, and what is a rough upper bound for XBTT?

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