[bittorrent] tracker 'last' parameter

Nikitas Liogkas nikitas at CS.UCLA.EDU
Thu Aug 31 23:30:36 EDT 2006

Are you sure you are not confusing it with self.last_time in the 
Rerequester class? I think that is the last time the tracker wsa 
contacted, while 'last' (the one I'm talking about) is initially set to 
None, but then it is copied from the tracker's response (self.last = 
r.get('last')). I'm not sure what purpose it serves though...


armylau Liu wrote:
>  >From the bittorrent code, it seems that the "last" field is the 
> lastest time that it announced, but in the code, its value are always 
> set to none. Don't know whether it was used in other implementation.
> - Moore
> 2006/8/31, Nikitas Liogkas <nikitas at cs.ucla.edu 
> <mailto:nikitas at cs.ucla.edu>>:
>     Hi all! I just noticed that in the tracker request made by the mainline
>     client, there is a parameter 'last'. I can't find anything about this by
>     searching on the web, nor does it appear on the wiki specification.
>     Does
>     anyone know anything about this?
>     Thanks!
>     nikitas
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