[bittorrent] Questions related to mainline DHT specs...

Patrick Moor pmoor at student.ethz.ch
Tue Aug 22 05:25:33 EDT 2006

> The last two octets are only left off for privacy reasons, but it's
> crazy that these 6 clients are accounting for almost 40% of the
> entries.  The other interesting thing is that they never announced
> the same node ID twice - so for the first one, it used 1451 different
> node ID's - and they're pretty evenly distributed across the node
> space.
wow, that's weird. I'll check my setup to see if I'm preventing such
nodes from appearing in my node table. It's probably the RIAA trying to
destroy the DHT ;-)

> I've added a fair amount of expiration now, but my rules are still
> pretty lenient for the time being (nodes only get removed if they
> haven't been reachable to at least 3 attempts (15 minutes each,
> assuming it's a ping), and the transaction handler automatically
> retries sending the requests up to 3 times with 60 seconds inbetween
> in case of packet loss).
I'm not doing the automatic request retrying. But I do ping after 15
minutes, then up to three more times every minute thereafter and if all
pings fail I remove the node already.

> How do you typically see them coming in?  Immediately following a
> get_peers?
Yes, usually within seconds of a get_peers.

> I'm just going to ignore these clients, since they appear to be a
> very small percentage, and they cause the bulk of the problems (at
> least for me right now)...
I'm all in favor of doing so.

So long,

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