[bittorrent] Questions related to mainline DHT specs...

Patrick Moor pmoor at student.ethz.ch
Wed Aug 16 02:08:46 EDT 2006

> Next, which is a bit more of a pain is that when it returns the
> 'values' for a 'get_peers' request, instead of them being in a string
> field, they're actually contained in a list.  The interesting thing
> is that when they return 'nodes', it comes back in a string instead
> of a list, so that seems to track with with what I would expect.  I
> would imagine that this makes it so uTorrent users can get nodes and
> peers from normal BT DHT's, but unless mainline supports this
> variation, they can't actually get peers from uTorrent DHT clients.
The mainline client is doing exactly the same, i.e. it uses a list for
values but a concatenated byte-array for the nodes. This is, imho,
totally stupid but unfortunately the way it's done...


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