[bittorrent] Tracker is forgetting/currupting my port number

Mark Curly markcurly at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 25 20:17:19 EDT 2006

Since these are UDP packets, I now believe this is a problem with DHT.

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Subject: Tracker is forgetting/currupting my port number

> I think I've found a bug in a tracker.
> I setup my client and configure my port number.
> I connect to a few trackers and download a few files.
> I exit my client.
> Then my firewall shows incoming refused UDP packets to the target torrent
> port, from many source IPs.
> All very good and expected: "Afterglow".
> Then several hours later it starts showing incoming refused packets to a
> different port, from many source IPs.
> What?
> Then again several hours later, same again with a different target port.
> It looks like the tracker has forgotten/mangled my bittorrent port number,
> and is telling clients the wrong port.
> Those clients then 'ping' (a bencoded ping) me, but with the wrong target
> port number.
> (I have a static IP BTW.)
> I can't easily tell which torrent or tracker has the problem, but maybe
> someone smarter than me could help me identify the tracker, or put me
> on what is happening?
> To be clear, my concern is just the (apparent) bug in the software used by
> that tracker, and other trackers.
> I could care less that I'm getting pinged for that particular torrent: my
> firewall just throws that stuff away.
> If it is too difficult to track down the tracker and what software it
> be using, then just ignore me :-)
> Thanks,
> Curly

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