[bittorrent] Tracker is forgetting/currupting my port number

Mark Curly markcurly at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 15 01:24:26 EDT 2006

I think I've found a bug in a tracker.

I setup my client and configure my port number.
I connect to a few trackers and download a few files.
I exit my client.

Then my firewall shows incoming refused UDP packets to the target torrent
port, from many source IPs.
All very good and expected: "Afterglow".

Then several hours later it starts showing incoming refused packets to a
different port, from many source IPs.
Then again several hours later, same again with a different target port.

It looks like the tracker has forgotten/mangled my bittorrent port number,
and is telling clients the wrong port.
Those clients then 'ping' (a bencoded ping) me, but with the wrong target
port number.
(I have a static IP BTW.)

I can't easily tell which torrent or tracker has the problem, but maybe
someone smarter than me could help me identify the tracker, or put me right
on what is happening?

To be clear, my concern is just the (apparent) bug in the software used by
that tracker, and other trackers.
I could care less that I'm getting pinged for that particular torrent: my
firewall just throws that stuff away.

If it is too difficult to track down the tracker and what software it might
be using, then just ignore me :-)


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