[bittorrent] how a peer connect to other peer which is behind proxies.

Harold Feit dwknight at depthstrike.com
Fri Apr 14 18:09:01 EDT 2006

Ignoring the fact that you're basing behavior on a client that is known
for flaws in its torrent implementation (BitComet doesn't play by all
the rules).

I would have to say that either DHT backup or some other external
information exchange to the tracker allowed for the connection from peer
B to peer A.

FYP 2005 wrote:
> I can understand case2.
> But for case1, the tracker only returns the proxy IP and PeerB IP.  How
> can PeerB initialize an outbound connection to PeerA ? (as it knows
> nothing about PeerA.) . All peerB can see is proxy IP and port that
> peerA listening on.

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