[bittorrent] Introductory/endgame algorithms

Andreas Aardal Hanssen bittorrent at andreas.hanssen.name
Fri Sep 23 04:27:30 EDT 2005

Hi, this is my initial post to this list so please bear with me.

As part of Qt 4.1, I've written an example BitTorrent client under
examples/network/torrent. It will contain a full tutorial on how this
thing is implemented, and of course all source code (~4500 lines) is
included. But what's missing is a good approach to two algorithms: warming
up, and the endgame.

The warming-up algorithm I've got is that all connections download the
same piece initially, so that the client gets a full piece to share as
soon as possible. This works quite well, and currently they're all asking
for one piece. Do anyone on this list implement a similar algorithm?

Also, what do other clients use to determine when to enter the endgame

Regards, Andreas

PS: For anyone interested, it's all available in the 4.1 snapshots of Qt.

Andreas Aardal Hanssen

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