[bittorrent] client and seed from same private network

etienne deleflie et at lalila.net
Thu Oct 27 07:49:30 EDT 2005


This is perhaps a stupid question, but I cant find a confirmation either 

- I make a torrent and use "http://bittorrent-support.com:2710/announce" 
as the announce URL (see http://www.bittorrent-support.com/)
- I seed the file from computer A on my private home network (without 
submitting any torrent to any website)
- I go to computer B (also on my private home network) and launch a 
client on that same torrent

... nuttin happens... computer B never manages to get the file .... the 
only message I get is "connecting to peers"

so my quetsions are:
a) is it expected that running a client on the same private network as 
the seed will mean this wont work (I guess that both computers will have 
the same external IP)
b) what other method can I use to test if my torrent is seeding properly?

any help is appreciated,

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