[bittorrent] aobut implementation of kadmelia...

Michael Parker mgp at ucla.edu
Sun Oct 23 01:59:20 EDT 2005

For a quick introduction as to what a RPC is, see
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remote_Procedure_Call. The most
comprehensive guide to RPCs I've seen is

Now I don't know what format the mainline client or the Azureus client
use for their RPCs -- you'd have to refer to the actual code to
determine that. (Although it shouldn't need to contain anything other
than the 20-byte info-hash/key it's looking for.) In Kademlia, when a
node performs a lookup, it should always maintain at most alpha lookup
RPCs (the appropriate values of alpha are discussed in the paper).

- Mike

CS FYP 2005 wrote:

> thx Michael...
> then suppose i know the node which is always on...
> then according to the paper...
> i need to make remote procedure call to request...
> is that correct...?
> in fact i am not quite familiar with RPC...
> any reference or sample code that i can refer to...?
> thx~
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