[bittorrent] aobut implementation of kadmelia...

Michael Parker mgp at ucla.edu
Sun Oct 23 00:55:30 EDT 2005

I'm not exactly sure how the mainline client supports Kademlia and 
tracking, but...

Typically, a node identifier is the SHA-1 hash of your IP address. (This makes
it hard for a node to forge its identifier and to thus "gain control" of the
key space.)

I'd assume that Bram has some clients set up at bittorrent.com that are always
on the network, through which all other nodes bootstrap onto the network. This
should be easy to find from the BT source code. If I recall correctly, the
Azureus client has dedicated bootstrap nodes at aelitis.com.

The info-hash is a SHA-1 hash; I recall hearing that the node closest to this
hash is the assigned tracker for the associated torrent.

- mgp

Quoting FYP 2005 <hkucsfyp2005 at gmail.com>:

> after reading this paper
> http://pompone.cs.ucsb.edu/~msa/reading/maymounkov_kademlia.pdf ...
> i still do not quite understand how to implement kademlia in bt...
> is it i need to give myself a nodeID first...?
> then how can i find other nodes without know their ip?
> what are the content of key and value in <key, value> pairs?
> is it something related to the info hash...?
> thx~

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