[bittorrent] bittorrent understanding/alogrithms..

Arnaud Legout Arnaud.Legout at sophia.inria.fr
Fri Oct 21 03:46:47 EDT 2005


bruce wrote:
> aside from the bittorrent site.. is there a resource that i can look at to
> get a feel for exactly how/why bittorrent works??

you can have a look at the following resources.

*the unofficial bittorrent spec that is the most up to date. However, 
don't expect a full spec from it.
If you want to implement something, you ought to look at the code of a 
I would recommend
-the mainline client, it is a clean and short code written in phyton 
with the latest protocol features (and in particular a new seed mode
that every client should implement), but it is not documented at all. 
Note that we should
should make available a documented and instrumented version of the 
mainline client in a not too far future.
-the azureus client, which is in java and documented, but with a lot of 
code that has nothing to do with the protocol itself (GUI, update, etc.)
it may be not so easy to find your way in the classes.

*If you want to understand why P2P bittorrent-like protocols are so 
efficient I would recommend
Service capacity in peer-to-peer networks. X. Yang and G. de Veciana.   
In Proc. IEEE INFOCOM'04 ,
pages 1-11, March 2004

*If you look for an experimental analysis of BitTorrent (mainline 4.x 
client), you should have a look to our study:
A. Legout, G. Urvoy-Keller, and P. Michiardi. Understanding BitTorrent: 
An Experimental Perspective. 
Technical Report (inria-00000156, version 2 - 19 July 2005), INRIA, 
Sophia Antipolis, July 2005


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