[bittorrent] Few basic questions about Trackerless/DHT

Brian Baskin brianbaskin at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 22:03:55 EDT 2005

I have a few basic question about the DHT/Kademlia implementation in the
mainline client. I'm finding documentation on it to be very spotty, and
frankly, some parts a bit over my head.

First, some things I believe to be true: A client has an info hash of a file
they wish to download, in the form of a
dht://AA39B59BCE8FAC56BEB0B0C1D96ABDC5CB62E0F0.dht/announce (fictitious).
The client loads their software, which has a predetermined IP address for a
local Kademlia connection already stored. The client performs a trackerless
connection by loading the DHT url above. This search is relayed to the
client's Kademlia peer, which forwards it on until the peer that holds the
value corresponding to that info hash is found.

Now, at this point, does the peer them reply back with a Peer List, or the
Torrent? I assume from what I've read that this is done over UDP on the
client's listening port. If it's the peer list, how does the peer maintain

Thank you
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