[bittorrent] seeding from same machine as tracker

etienne deleflie et at lalila.net
Wed Oct 5 03:07:36 EDT 2005


I expect this is a common question .... but I have searched and searched 
and cant find the answer.

I have a static IP on my home ADSL account.... I have a tracker on a 
server (within my home network), on port 8060.... and I have configured 
my firewall on my router to redirect all 8060 stuff to the machine that 
has the tracker. The static IP allocated to my modem is not visible to 
any computers on my network.

I want to seed files on the same machine as the tracker. So I create a 
torrent using my announce URL... then I try to download (and hence seed) 
that torrent straight away.... with this

btdownloadheadless my.torrent --ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx      

where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the static IP allocated to my ADSL account .... 
This does not work ... my tracker does not report any seeded files and 
stdout gives lots of error 111.

Can anyone shed light on seeding from the same machine as the tracker ?


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