[bittorrent] about peer_id

Brian Dessent brian at dessent.net
Tue Oct 4 19:19:04 EDT 2005

FYP 2005 wrote:

> Compact = 0 because I don't want to accept a compact response from the
> tracker. I tried to use compact =1 , but it gives me some "Strange"
> words. However, if i use compact =0 , it can show me port and IP
> without giving me some "Strange" words.

The 'compact=1' protocol significantly decreases the bandwidth that the
tracker spends.  Many trackers these days refuse clients that do not use
the compact protocol, returning an error telling the user to get a
non-brain-dead client.  If you are writing a BT client that doesn't
support compact, don't expect it to be used much, and don't expect
tracker operators to be very happy about it.

The response that you get with compact=1 is simply a list of IP
addresses (4 bytes each) and port (2 bytes) each in binary.  It's
exactly what you need.  The peer_id is superfluous and just a waste of


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