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Tue Oct 4 13:31:57 EDT 2005

>* After I sent the http get request to the tracker, it only gives me the IP
*>* and port. However, I expect that the tracker can give me the peer id.
May be
>Why do you expect that?
Because I read the BT Specification, it tells me that the tracker can
respond me the peer id.

>* I show u my http get request:
*>* http://tk.greedland.net/announce?info_hash=8R%D0%05%F4%01%C9%C3%F71%D6%17%0D%DA%BD9V%D1%B87&peer_id=exbc%009%5C%E8%5C%22%09%B3%B5%FC%EC%05%9ACDj&port=10015&natmapped=1&localip=

>Just wondering, why compact=0?
 Compact = 0 because I don't want to accept a compact response from the
tracker. I tried to use compact =1 , but it gives me some "Strange" words.
However, if i use compact =0 , it can show me port and IP without giving me
some "Strange" words.
 >* If I set the no_peer_id from 1 to 0 , it gives me an error message: "
*>* d14:failure reason56:unsupported tracker protocol, please upgrade your *
>* cliente "
>Looks like XBT Tracker. :)
>* What can I do in order to get the peer id from the tracker.
*>* Is there anythings wrong with it ?
>Yes. Your expectations. :)
>Don't expect to get peer_ids wrong the tracker.
 Sorry, I don't understand what you mean . Can you tell me more ?
  In fact, I am implementing a small programme to communicate with other
I just want to get the information of the peers instead of download or
upload anything to them...
First of all, I need to get the peer id from the tracker in order to
communicate with them.
However, I only can get the IP and port of the peers from the tracker.
Can you give me some ideas on getting the peer id of the peers from the
tracker ?
  Thank you for your reply . I look forward to hearing from you.
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