[bittorrent] About class SingleDownload

Yang Guo yang.yguo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 12:17:00 EST 2005

Hi all,

I did some source code reading on BitTorrent, and have some questions
regarding the class SingleDownload in Downloader.py.

If I understand correctly, the class SingleDownload handles one
peer-to-peer connection, i.e., it handles the message exchange between
the user (the local peer) and one of its (remote) peers.

Some of the member functions are:

disconnected():  disconnect the connection
_letgo():            cancel the active requests for this peer. Request these
                        pieces from other remote peers.
got_(un)choked():      the remote peer (un)choke the connection
got_piece():       receive the "piece" message from the remote peer
_request_more(): the user sends the request to remote peer
got_have():        receive the "have" message from the remote peer
_want():            return TRUE if user want this piece

Please comment if you think the above statement is not correct. Also,
I didn't find the function that handles the incoming "request" message
from the remote peer. Does anybody know how it is handled? Thanks.


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