[bittorrent] tracker not reachable ...

etienne deleflie et at lalila.net
Sun Nov 20 19:21:29 EST 2005


I took Brian's advice, and registered a domain name instead of using an 
IP ..... so now I can seed and track from the samer server....its all good.

But now my tracker is not reachable ... clients say "connecting to 
peers"... and that's all that happens... my tracker.log shows no 
evidence of them.

The announce url is http://myurl.net:6969/announce .... locally seeded 
torrents register correctly. ... and my firewall has been configured to 
port-redirect TCP on 6969 to the correct machine ....

If I go to http://myurl.net:6969/ from outside my network, then I see 
the tracker's log webpage

feels like there is something obvious that I'm not doing.... any hints?


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