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Isa Bel ibek10 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 16 09:31:37 EST 2005

Dear all,
  I am new with the python things in this BitTorrent programming
  Now I have been learning about the choking algorithm
  Thanks to the paper that have been written by Arnaud Legout
  I understand more about the choking algorithm
  But I have some question about the coding in the choker.py especially in the function understanding
  From what I have learned,
  Operation definition:
  __init__: a constructor
  _round_robin: a function for scheduling the choking algorithm
  _rechoke: choking algorithm in leecher state
  _rechoke_seed: choking algorithm in seed state
  connection_made: used to add more connection in the list when a peer join the swarm
  connection_lost: when connection with a peer is lost then remove the  connection from the list after that call the _rechoke function if the  upload connection of a peer is interested and not choked
  interested: used when peer becomes interested and if not choked then call the _rechoke function
  not_interested: used when peer becomes not interested and if not choked then call the _rechoke function
  I am kind of confuse between the "interested" term and the flags
  Thanks for the reading and the answer

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