[bittorrent] modyfying announce URL in the binary torrent

Brian Dessent brian at dessent.net
Fri Nov 11 19:30:44 EST 2005

etienne deleflie wrote:

> that would work .... except I dont have a domain name allocated to my
> server's IP ... external users use the external IP address of my tracker
> when they make the torrent.

I have always recommended that people never create torrents with raw
dotted-quad IP addresses in the announce.  The reason is that you have
no way of shutting it down if you ever decide that you do not want
people contacting that address.  If you use a raw IP address you should
expect to get clients trying to connect to that address constantly for
weeks / months / years (depending on how many torrents were on it), even
far after you remove the tracker from operation.  It sounds crazy but
for some reason there are users that will just keep their clients open
far after the the tracker has gone away.  It's extremely convenient to
be able to change the DNS to point to or to stop the
flood of constant incoming traffic.

It also gives you a way of moving the tracker to another location
without having to regenerate the .torrent and give everyone a new copy. 
This is also a very valuable capability.

And finally you can use the /etc/hosts method for seeding from the same
machine as the tracker, without any of this "change the announce in the
torrent file" nonsense.

So there is no reason whatsoever that I can think of that you should use
a raw IP address, certainly not cost.  You can use one of a bazillion
use free DNS providers like no-ip.com, or you can register a domain for
$6 and then use zoneedit.com for free.


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