[bittorrent] seeding from same machine as tracker

etienne deleflie et at lalila.net
Fri Nov 4 20:18:47 EST 2005

Hi Mitch,

Thanks for posting the pointer ....... I eventually kind-of-solved my 
problem by using a free public tracker, which so far has been quite 
reliable.  I'm using http://www.bittorrent-support.com/. Just means I 
cant have stats about my how many people have downloaded the torrents 
(or maybe I can?).

I'm not sure that your solution helps me though. Because in my use case 
scenario, someone on the internet posts a torrent to my web site ..... 
then I want my server to download it automatically.... so that it can 
permanently seed it.  The torrent that they posted uses the announce URL 
of my tracker (i.e. uses the static IP allocated to my server by my ISP)

I dont have the means to get their torrent, read it, change the announce 
URL (to use localhost instead of the outside IP) and seed it. At least I 
dont think that is easily possible.  ... please enlighten me if it is.


>Greetings Etienne,
>I read about your problem with seeding from the same machine that your
>tracker was located on:
>I had the very same problem.  But I realized after reading the thread of
>messages  that I needed to recreate my .torrent file.
>My first .torrent file (which didn't work) was created this way:
>btmakemetafile http://my.full.url:6969/announce /path/to/my/hugefile.iso
>The solution was to create my .torrent file using "localhost" rather
>than my full URL:
>btmakemetafile http://localhost:6969/announce /path/to/my/hugefile.iso
>Now, my local seed client is able to respond properly to external
>bittorrent clients!
>I hope this helps.  Thanks for posting your question in the first
>place.  If you hadn't, I wouldn't have figured out how to solve my problem.

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