[bittorrent] BT, Nats, and hackers at the door...

Bill Cox bill at viasic.com
Tue May 31 04:07:24 EDT 2005

Hi, Olaf.

> > It would also make me feel better if I could more easily restrict access
> > permissions of programs I install.  With most open-source installations,
> > I compile, then su to root, and do a make-install.  Good thing most of
> > us open-source guys are fairly trustworthy.  Could Linux/Windows be
> > enhanced so that I could specify the restrictions of a newly installed
> > package?  For example, a basic SIP phone package does not have to have
> > write access to the disk, or the ability to open any port other that the
> > phone service port, or the ability to contact non-phone ports in the
> > internet, or the ability to run commands like top or who.  The kernel
> > could restrict such access, and report attempted violations.
> I think SELinux does things like this.
> Additional restrictions (and kernel-level configuration) would indeed
> be a good thing.

I just read up on SELinux a bit.  It looks very promising.  Has anyone
fooled around with SELinux policies for BT?

It's a long way off, but if SELinux and equivalent Windows/MAC security
systems become widespread, it could make it a lot safer for casual users
to run p2p servers from home.

Also, I'm confused about having applications binding only to localhost.
How do you recommend accessing a BT server that doesn't bind to the
ethernet interface?


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