[bittorrent] BT, Nats, and hackers at the door...

Karst Bjorgson karstbj at yahoo.com
Sun May 29 14:04:02 EDT 2005

> > What prevents you from replacing your NAT with a
> stateful firewall?
> I think I will.  However, installing and managing a
> stateful firewall
> requires more networking skill than the average mom
> has.

The average mom is probably using Windows, and the
average mom using IPv6 will be using XP/SP2. SP2
actually comes with a built-in "designed for the
average mon" firewall, which by defaults blocks all
incoming IPv6 connections. The average mom, or the
application installer, has to explicitly open the
required ports, or allow the application to open them.
This is arguably as safe as a NAT, and also much
easier to use.

-- Karst

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