[bittorrent] BT, Nats, and hackers at the door...

Bill Cox bill at viasic.com
Sun May 29 06:54:15 EDT 2005


I'm a big fan of p2p networking, and think it has great potential.  I've
posted some of my concerns here about NAT translators going away with
IPv6 adoption, which is good for p2p, and bad for security.

Just to play around a bit, I've started running a Linux server at home
on a fixed IP address, with just a few ports open (ssh, mail, web, and
of course BT).  It's probably already been hacked, but new hacking
attempts come daily.  I've got random password guessers from France and
the Netherlands hacking the ssh port.  I've got would-be-spammers
hacking the mail ports from Taiwan, Korea, and China.  And, of course,
root on this machine gets spammed!

So... IMO, open ports = hackers at the door.  That's bad for p2p.

Can this problem be fixed with automated network monitoring?  Can we
ever trust casual users with fixed ports, open to the internet?


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