[bittorrent] Combining conventional mirrors with BT

Charles Iliya Krempeaux supercanadian at gmail.com
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(Assuming I understand the BitTorrent protocol correctly) a problem
with that is that files (or file pieces) are NOT transferred using
HTTP or FTP.  There are transferred using a special protocol (specific
to BitTorrent).

Only the "torrent file" and the "tracker" do their thing over HTTP (or HTTPS).

See ya

On 5/27/05, Kenneth Porter <shiva at sewingwitch.com> wrote:
> It would be nice if a client could use a conventional HTTP/FTP mirror list
> in combination with a torrent. One could screen-scrape a list of URL's from
> a block of text (eg. a web page, mailing list or forum post) and use them
> as pseudo-seeds for data sources. This would especially help with
> "orphaned" torrents where all seeds have shut down. One would still get the
> benefit of distributing the load to several suppliers and checksumming of
> the fragments.
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