[bittorrent] need some help

paritosh mahana pmahana at yahoo.com
Wed May 25 06:35:27 EDT 2005

I am a sort of moderator in my university who has to
keep  various appz and studymaterial available for

Recently I came across the idea of sharing the data
via BitTorrent.Because at the beginning of the session
everyone want the studymaterial at the same time and
the server just breaks down each time.

So I want to know some operational constraint of bit
torrent and how to make it most useful for me.

My questions are:

How many simultaneous torrent file I can host in my
host machine.

I want to first try it out with a (Pentium IV 3000Mhz
1024 MBRAM with 100MBps LAN connection) and then if I
find it satisfactory I can approach the administration
to lend me a server to host these files.

There are around 3000 people in our university.So at
the peak period we may have at lest 300-400
simultaneous download.(BTW what is the upper limit)

At present I want to use azureus from my machine to
host these files.

Waiting for some reply.

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