[bittorrent] gmail as tracker

Mike Ravkine krypt at mountaincable.net
Sat May 21 11:40:04 EDT 2005

I can think of a couple of reasons why this would be bad..

BT relies upon the tracker being trusted... you can't trust a "tracker" 
where everyone is effectively a peer.  For one, you can't expect a peer 
to clean up after themselves (loses of connectivity happen all the 
time).  Two, you will not be able to get a true random subset of the 
peers, you would get the whole list (which will likely very quickly have 
a load of dead peers, see one).  Three, Statistics reporting also goes 
out the window, because of synchronization issues. What happens when 2 
peers try to write to the peerlist at the same time?

I wish people would stop trying to replace the tracker unless they can 
really, fully duplicate it's functionality (to actively maintain the 
peerlist, give random subsets of the peerlist to connecting clients, and 
keep stats.. although the last one isn't required for proper oprations). 
Trackers are the only reason BT doesn't suck like every other p2p. 


Alan Gibson wrote:

>anyone know of any attempts to use gmail as a bittorent tracker?? i
>can think of alot of advantages:: no maintenance,, no personal cost,,
>anonymous for 'owner'..
>really, theres no reason that you couldnt use any email service, not
>just gmail..
>has anyone thought about this,, have any ideas or comments,, or know
>of any projects out there??

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