[bittorrent] Osprey & permaseed announcement

John Reuning john at metalab.unc.edu
Thu May 19 15:49:59 EDT 2005

A while back, I posted a note to this list about a project to make BT
more suitable for large content providers -- Osprey.  The software has
stabilized sufficiently for a broad announcement.  Osprey includes:

* Web application for building descriptive document objects
* PHP-based BT tracker
* C++ BT tracker (based on BNBT, with many changes to integrate it into
the Osprey web application and to make it more Unix-friendly)
* Permaseed (permanent seed), a daemonized BT server application to
deliver torrent content from backend storage.  The goal is to provide
reliable, constant access to torrent data.

To see it in action, look at the site we have in development:

Current source tarballs are available for download from the Osprey
project site.  http://osprey.ibiblio.org

Feedback is welcomed. :-)

Many thanks.


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