[bittorrent] Intersecting Torrent data ???

Elliott Mitchell ehem at m5p.com
Tue May 10 17:49:23 EDT 2005

>From: Charles Iliya Krempeaux <supercanadian at gmail.com>
> On 5/10/05, Olaf van der Spek <olafvdspek at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I'm not aware of any.
> > But is downloading completely before playing a (big) problem?
> > Note that sequential downloading would decrease the effectiveness of BT.
> In this case, yes. The idea is that your are "streaming". I.e., for this 
> example, you would be playing the ogg files while you download them.

Problem is this is contrary to the very nature of BT's design.

I think the closest you can do is to take a client and rig the piece
chooser so that it favors pieces near the start. Once you've retrieved a
sufficient amount, you can make a reasonable guess as to how long it will
be before the download completes. You then start playing and hoping that
holes will be filled before you get to them.

I think this is possible, but you still do end up downloading the entire

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