[bittorrent] A thought on integrating existing technologies

David P. Mott dpmott at sep.com
Thu Mar 31 11:08:30 EST 2005

I came across this page:

which discusses, among other things, SOAP Version 1.2.

It has this statement:

"In January 2005, the XML Protocol Working Group released a set of 
specifications to optimize of the transmission of SOAP messages. The SOAP 
Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM) provides an efficient 
way to handle binary data in SOAP messages, in the form of attachments. It 
is based on XML-binary Optimized Packaging (XOP), a standard method for 
applications to include binary data, as is, along with an XML document in 
a package. Along with MTOM, the Resource Representation SOAP Header Block 
allows SOAP message recipients to access cached representations of 
external resources. More information can be found in the press release 

Now, keeping in mind that I've more or less missed the web-services boat, 
I've been wanting to delve into this.  With the ability to include binary 
data in XML messages that are a part of a web-service framework (which 
basically implements a functional or RPC interface), there seems to be the 
opportunity to make a web-service technology based version of a P2P 

Given that, you could just have plug-ins for Apache or IIS that implement 
a P2P client/server.  Server, actually, since the client would 
just interface to the web service to initiate activity and receive status 
information for a GUI display.  Since it's all a web service, this 
naturally extends to remote control of your P2P server (Azureus has a 
plugin to facilitate this, but it's kinda clunky).

Okay, so most of these ideas aren't new, and many bittorrent clients can 
already do some of these things.  My point is that it could all be written 
from the ground up to be web service oriented.  With a back-end like this, 
anyone could write a pretty front-end for it.  It cleanly separates the 
back-end protocol from the front-end user presentation.

I'm just tossing this out for discussion.

So, thoughts?


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