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dpmott at sep.com dpmott at sep.com
Wed Mar 30 09:35:16 EST 2005

This guy is getting annoying.


Who else thinks that the "opt-out" link will do the same thing as the
"confirm information" link?


While everyone has probably read that link (above), I'm posting it so that
everyone here has the opportunity to read about the nature of the company
that this guy runs.  It's not my intention to spam unwanted information.


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Subject: Your contact info
From:    "Travis Kalanick" <travis at redswoosh.net>
Date:    Tue, March 29, 2005 6:19 pm
To:      "Dpmott" <dpmott at sep.com>


I'm updating my address book. Please take a moment to update
your latest contact information. Your information is stored in
my personal address book and will not be shared with anyone
else. Plaxo is free, if you'd like to give it a try.

Click the following link to correct or confirm your information:

Name: dpmott
Job Title:
Work E-mail: dpmott at sep.com
Work Phone:
Work Fax:
Work Address Line 1:
Work Address Line 2:
Work City, State, Zip:
Mobile Phone:

Home E-mail:
Home Phone:
Home Fax:
Home Address Line 1:
Home Address Line 2:
Home City, State, Zip:

P.S. I've included my Plaxo card below so that you have my current
information.  I've also attached a copy as a vCard.

 | Travis Kalanick
 | travis at redswoosh.net
 | Founder, CEO
 | Red Swoosh, Inc.
 | 2250 E. Imperial Hwy #204
 | El Segundo, CA 90245
 | work: 310.666.1429
 | mobile: 310.666.1429
 | im: scourtrav123

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