[bittorrent] New P2P protocols

Nick Johnson arachnid at notdot.net
Fri Mar 25 22:31:37 EST 2005

On 26/03/2005, at 3:15 PM, larytet.8708132 at bloglines.com wrote:

> my understanding of these algorithms
> is very limited, but as i see it you need one of two (or more) chunks 
> to recreate
> any block. i do not understand how it can eliminate ANY need for 
> rarest-first
> distribution.
Yes, new chunks can only be created by seeds. Peers can only 
redistribute existing chunks. However, the fact that there are an 
essentially limitless number of chunks now, all of them homogenous, 
rarest-first is no longer very important. The problem changes from 
'obtain 100 of 100 chunks' to 'obtain any 103 of 100,000 chunks'.

> "Proximity-based connections. While BT does a reasonable
> job of picking
> good peers to download from and upload to, it's far from ideal"
Not really - with DHTs, there's nothing stopping a peer retrieving the 
entire contents of the hash table. However, anonymity isn't a design 
goal of BT, and it's not a priority for me, either.

-Nick Johnson

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