[bittorrent] The value of trust and acceptance

Simon Spero ses at unc.edu
Fri Mar 25 15:35:56 EST 2005

John Reuning wrote:

>One of the interesting things about BT that may or may not be a function
>of its design is the extent to which people have adopted it.  There are
John -
  The protocol and model have too many critical  flaws to teach us much 
directly; it's the relatively large installed base that makes BT an 
important and interesting system to study.

The installed base is important for two main reasons.  Firstly, it's 
important for us to understand the ergonomic, psychological, and 
socioligical reasons that  allow bittorrent to operate in spite of these 
flaws, and use the information to augment other, better, architectures. 

Secondly,  a sucessor content-distribution system that can offer a 
gateway in  to these existing clients will find it a lot easier to 
achieve criticial mass.   Such a gateway can be built by creating 
pseudo-trackers that induce desired behaviour from the client by 
manipulating the weaknesses in the BT  model for the client's benefit.   
This approach meshes nicely with the perma-seed concept.


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