[bittorrent] The value of trust and acceptance

John Reuning john at metalab.unc.edu
Fri Mar 25 11:03:09 EST 2005

One of the interesting things about BT that may or may not be a function
of its design is the extent to which people have adopted it.  There are
lots of P2P protocols and applications.  Some work very well but don't
have the acceptance of BT.  Not since Napster and Kazaa has a P2P
application framework been given significant attention in the mainstream
tech press.

Maybe one key to adoption of BT is distributing torrent files from web
servers.  People already trust the Web (in general), and browsers are
ubiquitous.  The ideal environment would be for clicking on a torrent
link to work much like clicking on an mp3 or rm link.  This happens now,
but only if you set it up manually.  Bundling a BT client with the
browser or with another application suite would go a long way to making
BT ubiquitous.

I personally like P2P applications or all sorts, but there's not much
legal, mainstream content available.  In the context of P2P protocol
discussions, a question might be: How can the technology be made better
while maintaining and leveraging current adoption trend of the BT-based
applications?  Users and site maintainers can choose from a great
selection of BT-based clients and trackers.  They're all compatible,
more or less.

I'd like to see this trend continue.  For my IT day job, I'd gladly
download drivers, firmware updates, documentation, etc. from tech
companies if they distributed iso images via BT.  If you trust the web
site, and you trust your BT client, you can trust the content even if
its from untrusted sources.



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