[bittorrent] New P2P protocols

Jeff Burdges weasel at havoc.gtf.org
Fri Mar 25 08:03:42 EST 2005

Out of curiosity, what is the source of the interest in UDP?  I see two 
possible reasons for UDP:

a)  To help provide streaming audio/video, i.e. a central server will 
stream you the file via UDP, but it might get overloaded, so other 
users will try to send you a bit of extra stuff ahead of time.  Seems 
like the major problem here is the compromise between obtaining rare 
chunks and getting the next bit of data in time.  Could be a hard 
problem.  Of course, the best "streaming" is DL the whole thing and 
play it locally.  :)

b)  Use STUN to allow two users behind improperly configured firewalls 
/ NATs to talk directly to one another.  A priori a much simpler 
problem then (a), but also more likely to saturate your bandwidth in 
traditional bt fashion, and this may introduce some complexities for 

Or are people interested in something else?


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