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Arkady larytet at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 15 12:16:45 EST 2005

"I am interested to find out the possibility of using
BittTorrent in a 
non-WEB environment for distributing a large file in
an isolate large 
network environment."

try http://larytet.sourceforge.net/userManual.shtml
i created Rodi from the beginning to support automatic
processing. Scripting is part of functional
requirements. You can generate scripts using DOS batch
files or linux shells and then run CLI based Rodi
client to deliver the file. 

The transport layer is UDP based highly efficient data
streaming specifically built for low packet loss
networks, like LAN. 

Client requires ~20M RAM on the hosting machie and
runs under 1% of CPU
see screen shots

Rodi delivers 4 MB blocks and tends to deliver the
blocks in the right oreder - first block is delivered
first and so on. Under normal cuircumstances Rodi does
not create significant fragmentation on the hard

Initial seed typically uploads the file only once. 

Rodi network creates extremely low opverhead even in
case high packet loss. In zero packet loss network
overhead will not exceed 3% and it INCLUDES UDP packet
header. In the simulation of 20% packet loss - 1 from
every 5 packets are droped, overhead was under 4.5%.

If you start to use the client i promise you 24/7
support and all required customization


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