[BitTorrent] HELP! "bad bencoded data" with new generated torrent

Brian Dessent brian at dessent.net
Tue Mar 8 23:47:51 EST 2005

Paulo S Silva Jr wrote:

> I'm developping a torrent generator and I'm using BT 0.3.10 to test
> my generated files. And I'm stuck with this error.
> The generated torrent pass my bdecoder and seems normal. I've
> compared the Info Hash of my generated torrent with other torrent
> generator programs and the Info Hash matches.
> So what I could be doing wrong here?!

The info_hash is just one part of the torrent, you could be breaking the
bencoding standard in any number of ways which causes the torrent client
you're using to barf.  We would need more information or a sample of
your bencoder's output to be able to begin to help you.  Your best bet
is to try several bdec implementations, such as btshowmetainfo.py,
TorrentSpy, DehackEd's php benc/bdec routines, etc.

BTW: There has never been a version of the mainstream client that
resembles anything like "0.3.10", so I don't know what you're talking
about there.


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