[BitTorrent] HELP! "bad bencoded data" with new generated torrent

paritosh mahana pmahana at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 9 14:48:22 EST 2005

My first question is wot is the "wb" and "w" stands

> Nearly all the problems I've seen with .torrent file
> generation have 
> been caused by the file being written in text mode
> rather than binary.  
> Make sure you open the file using "wb" rather than
> "w".

See if we are torrenting a folder and lets say there
are 4 files in it.(a,b,c,d)

Say my bit torrent making code begins to make the hash
by keeping the file order(a,b,c,d).

And another bit torrent making client makes the hash
with the file order(b,c,a,d).

then the hashes made by my code and the other client
will be different.

So my question is, IS there any specification about
the ordering of the files.

ps:I am new to bit torrent..so please correct me if i
am wrong anywhere..thanks..

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