[BitTorrent] How BitTorrent deals with people behind NAT?

sytelus junk at shitalshah.com
Tue Mar 1 02:58:29 EST 2005

Scenario #1
My computer is behind NAT but I can see in my BitTorrent client that
other people are indeed connecting to me and data is being uploaded
from my machine. Because I'm behind the NAT I'd assumed that no one
can connect to me unless I make the connection request first to those
other users (even if I've a socket listenig). Now, is it correct for
me to assume that those other users downloading from me are not behind
the NAT and all of them accepts incoming connection? How this is working?

Scenario #2
Say 100 clients are trieng to download, out of which 90 are behind
their own NATs. Does that means none of these 90 will never
communicate with each other and they will depend on other 10 to get
the file? What if all 100 are behind their own NATs?

These questions are biting me a lot (almost spend half of a day to
find answers).


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