[BitTorrent] Having some trouble understanding the protocol.

pmahana pmahana at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 4 16:00:31 EST 2005

Hi guys,
Can somebody tell me who keeps the track of the pieces.I mean who has 
the data about which peer possess which piece/s. I first thought the 
tracker keeps all the dat abut then in the bit torrent spec it says 
The tracker responds with "text/plain" document consisting of a 
bencoded dictionary with the following keys:

    * failure reason: If present, then no other keys may be present. 
The value is a human-readable error message as to why the request 
failed (string).
    * interval: Interval in seconds that the client should wait 
between sending regular requests to the tracker
    * complete: number of peers with the entire file, i.e. seeders 
    * incomplete: number of non-seeder peers, aka "leechers" (integer)
    * peers: The value is a list of dictionaries, each with the 
following keys:
          o peer id: peer's self-selected ID, as described above for 
the tracker request (string)
          o ip: peer's IP address (either IPv6 or IPv4) or DNS name 
          o port: peer's port number (integer)

This means tracker gives no info to the peer abt other pieces hold by 
the other peers.

So does this means that all these stuff are done in the peer level as 
in peer wire protocol.But then again how the seeder knows abt the 
rarest first that it usually gives whenever a new peer comes up.

With thanks.

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