[BitTorrent] Have maps (was Merkle, URLs, etc)

David Smith smith458 at msu.edu
Wed Mar 16 23:25:13 EST 2005

"Sorry that I couldnt make more sense out of this. The problem is that the
basics are too unclear to me..."


David Smith
Michigan State University
smith458 at msu.edu

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On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 17:23:55 -0800, Joseph Ashwood <ashwood at msn.com> wrote:

> All you need is the head of the siblings. To refresh everyone's memory I
> also proposed a format. This created a 6-tuple for each node (what I will
> from here call the head), the 6-tuple was {nodeNumber, nodeSize,
> numChildren, nodeID, parent nodeID, hash(head of children)} each node also
> included data that was the explicit head for the children (leaf nodes
> replaced hash of child heads with hash of data, and the data was in the
> portion). This makes it possible to provisionally verify a node
> of anything else downloaded.

What is the difference between NodeNumber and NodeID? NodeSize should be
implicit, NodeNumber, numChildren could be. by hash (head of children) you
mean the hash of the 6-tuples of the child nodes? is ID somehow related to
hash? I cant see how exactly...

> Using this it is only necessary to have the node to verify and all it's
> parents, all other needed heads are included. The binary trees proposed do
> not have this ability and do fall into the problem above.
> By having the sibling heads embedded in the parent. That makes it so the
> download of the siblings is not necessary for verification. The algorithm
> instead:
> Verify parent hash integrity
> Verify child hash integrity
> Verify that child head matches parent-child head
> The first two require hash finalizations, the last is a binary compare.

Could you describe this touple format a in a little more detail (i couldnt
find a good description in your older emails either)? Could you also
how its security drawbacks?

Sorry that I couldnt make more sense out of this. The problem is that the
basics are too unclear to me...

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