[BitTorrent] XML Torrents?

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I assumed the inclusion of the recently (briefly) discussed
argument, and obviously SHA-512, although I am not sure "-" is valid
URIs. Any authorities? Even at that we have the option of (assuming
tracker or peer protocol is altered to support this, I would vote
peer) the 
URL can be reduce to not include the filename either.
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RFC 2396 defines the valid characters and encoding for URIs if that's
of any help for you in the construction of an example URI.

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Your point is wrong.
bencoding was either created especially for bittorrent or has been
adapted by it. It is not Pythons structure dump. Ask your favorite
search engine about "python serialization" and you will find lots
of pages about Pickler, but none about bencoding. Extending your
search to bencoding, you will find a nice page that implements
bencoding in 5 languages (4 scripting and 1 functional).

Also note that bencoding is not sufficient to store a generic
python object.

Where did you get the idea that benconding was in any way
python-specific or -centrifc?
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I agree that Bencoding is NOT python specific. I have libraries
sitting on my program development system for Bencode in PHP (has some
problems with 10-digit numbers), Visual Basic.Net/C#, C++ and
probably a couple other languages I don't even realise. (I actively
use the PHP and VB.Net/C# ones in new programs/scripts).

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