[BitTorrent] HELP! "bad bencoded data" with new generated torrent

Brian Dessent brian at dessent.net
Thu Mar 10 17:16:52 EST 2005

paritosh mahana wrote:
> My first question is wot is the "wb" and "w" stands
> for...

"man fopen"

> See if we are torrenting a folder and lets say there
> are 4 files in it.(a,b,c,d)
> Say my bit torrent making code begins to make the hash
> by keeping the file order(a,b,c,d).
> And another bit torrent making client makes the hash
> with the file order(b,c,a,d).
> then the hashes made by my code and the other client
> will be different.
> So my question is, IS there any specification about
> the ordering of the files.
> ps:I am new to bit torrent..so please correct me if i
> am wrong anywhere..thanks..

Though it is not stated explicitly anywhere official, I think everyone
agrees that the path/filename list should be sorted in lexicographical
order so that a torrent of a given set of files always has the same hash
(given that the same piece size is chosen, naturally.)  This has been
discussed a number of times, read the archives.


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