[BitTorrent] Seeds and downloader free-riding problem in BT.

dream2skyline hometa at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 18:04:40 EST 2005

  Excuse me if I send this message twice.
I have several question considering seeds and downloader here. Seeds 
only upload files pieces to other peers because it has the whole copy 
of file and downloader(leechers) download what they need and upload 
what they have because they only have partial copy of whole file.
 Is there any other difference between seeds and downloaders? 
 We are considering the free-riding part of bittorrent. How could 
seeds decide which peer to upload(unchoke) because no peer have a 
download rate to the seeds? In contrast downloader (peer A) will 
unchoke the fifth peer depending on the downloading rate to Peer A 
every 30 seconds. 
 Does the tracker site discriminate the seeds and downloader? What 
kind of strategy for the seeds to decide which peer to upload to? If 
there any queue of seeds used for the peers to wait until to be 
served by seeds? As we know it is not necessary for other peers to 
download sth to the seeds and it seemed that it is good idea for the 
free-rider to take advantage of that fact and they prefer to be 
served by the seeds and wait in that kind of queue( If they can 
select other peer to download). If the free-rider is denied by other 
peers continusly (they have 20% chance to be served of course), most 
of free-rider will like to turn to seeds to continue their free-
riding because the success chance is larger than 20%. Am I right? 


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